The Metabolic Landscape

From the series: The metabolic Landscape which is a travelling exhibition and book, co-authored with Glover's partner Dr Geof Rayner and daughter Jessica Rayner, and was published by Black Dog Publishing in 2014.

The Metabolic Landscape

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” John Muir

Muir, the great nineteenth century Scottish-American natural¬ist, instigated what would become the US national parks service and inspired the photographer Ansel Adams. For Muir all living things were connected and reliant upon a shared environment. He passion¬ately argued that the raw experience of nature could generate in all of us a profound sense of wonder.

It was the wild Icelandic landscape which gave to me a emotional con¬nection to nature and provided the grounds of my photography enquiries. Immer¬sion in this distinctive and rugged landscape may have imparted to me a sense of personal vulnerability but it also allowed me to appreciate the vulner-ability of nature too, especially to climate change. Muir was right: Everything really is connected. The burning of fossil fuels, once localised in impact, today ripples its consequences across the planet.
Gina Glover’s exhibition The Metabolic Landscape was shown at the Fotofest Biennial, Houston, and at venues in the UK. A book of the same title is available, with co-authors Geof and Jessica Rayner.

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