My gallery is a small home studio which is based in Towcester and this is where the clay becomes Ceramics. Here you will find my wide collection of individually handcrafted wheel-thrown creations.

Sabari Sen's zeal for painting and art started young during her childhood years in India. In spite of living in a city bustling with the frenetic pace of urban life, she was quick to appreciate the beauty of nature around her. At her grandparents' home in West Bengal, enchanted by the verdant meadows , lushness of foliage and the gurgling rivers she felt enthused to paint her first landscape painting. Highly perceptive, with an eye for detail , Sabari's paintings radiate a definite sense of tranquillity . Soon after her graduation, Sabari worked as an animation artist at an advertising agency in New Delhi. This job offered her the freedom to capture the world around her through the medium of oil paints, acrylic medium and experiment with different genres of art. Before leaving for England in 1990, she worked in quite a few advertising agencies honing and refining her painting skills along with proving her efficiency at work .  In England, she has been fortunate to be under the tutelage of some established artists and mastered and perfected her artistic skills. She has also worked on notable commissioned projects both in  the U.K and internationally. In recent times, she has turned to creating an array of beautifully crafted ceramic pottery which combines a subtle elegance with functionality. Trained from Swanspool Ceramics ( Pottery Skills Courses) in Northamptonshire, her style of pottery reveal a perfect blend of Western subtlety of design and Eastern colour and  mysticism. As she says, " I am inspired by the charm and comfort of ancient stoneware and draw inspiration from the colours of nature all around  me and the splendour of architecture " Just like each person has his/ her own reason for loving pottery, Sabari too feels this three dimensional medium helps her to express herself in totality. The entire ritualistic process of creativity involved in pottery making and the endless possibilities of creating with clay brings for her a definite sense of peace and serenity.  Sabari uses a highly versatile white bodied clay which matures between 1160 -1280 degrees . For her ceramic artifacts and as an artist concerned about her environment, she is particular about keeping the glazed surfaces of her ceramic wares chemical free and safe for use as kitchenware.  Her richly glazed kitchenware or artifacts to be showcased in homes, offices and festivals are refreshing works of art which speaks of homely comfort and a subtle beauty and charm coupled with functionality . 

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