Janette Gaggini

These are examples of my range of work.

My gallery includes paintings that relate to a love of plants, an expression of the control of Covid 19, A small sculpture inspired by the microscopic views within organic life with colour and organic form.And a tribute to local  local interest.

I love plants and am concerned about the loss of tropical  and hardy forests. Therefore I like to paint plant life as a kind of record in case of loss. Life issues such as Covid 19 was aand is traumatic for our populations and I felt like Saving Lives responded to the speed in which vaccinations were developed to control the pandemic.an assemblage of basic laboratory aparatus and a bed of vials for the product.

The Painting of Wicksteed Park Goats  was part of a project to promote Wicksteed centenary. I chose the goats in their pen , because I thought they a bit distanced from all fun areas. I like goats and so  they were my choice . I also liked the rickity looking walkways. 



Janette Gaggini
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