David Townshend - Impressions of the Norfolk Coast

My interpretation of the Norfolk coast.

The Norfolk coast is famous for its sweeping vistas, small harbours and natural habitats.  In this collection, I present this famous coastline in different and exciting ways.

My images interpret the light and colours, shapes and patterns of the coastal landscapes.  They convey my individual perspective on places, be they grand views or intimate details, iconic subjects or mundane objects.  In some of my work I combine elements present at that location at that time on that day to create a ‘sense of place’, but elsewhere I explore pure abstraction.

I was brought up on the Norfolk coast and later did a PhD on shorebird ecology and behaviour, so I have a strong attachment to coastal habitats and landscapes.  My career in nature conservation was strongly based on science.  Since retiring, I have discovered my artistic side and now specialise in creating abstract and impressionist images using the camera as my tool.

David Townshend
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