CONGA (and commissions)!

A wonderful set of images celebrating the Conga and private commissions of families in a similar illustrative style.
All images (c) Katy Dynes

As an Illustrator, I am often commissioned to draw my client's families in my natural, rather quirky drawing style.

I gather all the information that they would like me to include- anything from their animal family to their likes/dislikes and any hobbies/places of special meaning and any memories. The resulting commissions are usually hand painted in ink and watercolour on gorgeous, long landscape handmade paper from Amalfi.

Conga was the original inspiration for these commissions-  this was taken from a very memorable New Year's Eve party!

There have since been various 'iterations' on this theme, from again, client commissions (including my old University Department!) and my ruminations of what animals could look like doing this usually drunken but always joyful dance!

You can see the results here......!!! (and I am always happy to discuss any ideas or commissions that you may have......)

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