Expressive Landscapes

Sarah's expressive paintings aim to capture the mood of the seasons and the emotions of a place. Using colour and mark making she builds up layers of depth and movement.

I initially start my creative process by taking photographs of a landscape and sketching Plein Air (outdoors on site). Once in the studio, I'll use these images to create my colour pallet and build up layers of colour and texture to bring depth and light to my work evoking the emotions of the place and moment. As the layers build I will start to introduce marks and small details to anchor the composition and lead the viewer's eye. I never know quite how the painting will reveal itself as it unfolds. I will often work on my paintings over several months. Letting them rest and then returning to them to rework and build the final composition. I allow them to speak to me and lead me on the creative journey. I sometimes find myself arguing with them and other times me and my painting are totally Intune.

Sarah Hutt
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