NOS 2022

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    NOS is a visual arts group, giving members of the public access to art throughout the county. We are very inclusive and feel that art should be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone, therefore, our annual festival not only gives artists the opportunity to engage directly with art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts of their work, but also allows them to demonstrate their practice, discuss new work and sell or accept commissions. There is no selection process to be part of NOS allowing us to accept artists of varying abilities, ages and disciplines.

    Why NOS
  • NOS provides opportunities throughout the year for artists and makers in Northamptonshire and its surrounding counties including the organisation of a large Visual Arts Festival traditionally held in September each year.
  • Become part of a supportive community that celebrates achievements of all its members
  • Distribution of the annual event brochures throughout the county
  • Support and advice from the lead organiser
  • Local signposting of the annual event with banners, posters and flyers

    Publicity campaign including
  • Press and media releases
  • Radio coverage (with possible radio interviews with artists)
  • Social Media posting, sharing and advertising
  • Local Magazine advertising
  • Blogs and media partnerships

    A Website
  • The website has proved useful for further contact being made by those who would like to commission a piece of work or find out more about the artists practice.
  • A supportive Facebook Page and Group
  • A growing following of visitors who have signed up to the mailing list, who receive newsletters detailing everything that artists have to offer
  • An online artist profile and portfolio gallery
  • Online virtual Exhibition taken from artist content
  • Platform to advertise Exhibition, events and workshops information outside of NOS for the whole of the year

    Benefits from joining an art community like NOS
  • Personal Development
  • Networking
  • Gaining confidence with your practice and with exhibiting
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • A large knowledge base to tap into
  • Mental Health benefits
  • Gives you something to work towards
  • A chance for further exposure
  • Opportunity to show your work in a new venue
  • A chance to work with other/new artists

    All packages require a NOS membership. Membership is for 1 year, auto-renews, gives access to all the benefits mentioned above and includes the online presence. This is a flat fee of £25 for 12 months. Membership is normally enabled within 24 hours of payment. This is then valid from this date (for new memberships) or adds 12 months to your current membership (if already a member).

    Early Bird Entry 6th December 2021 – 31st March 2022
    Brochure Entry £35
    Central Exhibition £35
    Brochure and Central Exhibition £60

    Entry 1st April – 1st May 2022
    Brochure Entry £40
    Central Exhibition £40
    Brochure and Central Exhibition £70


  • NOS welcomes any artist or maker living in Northamptonshire or in the surrounding county borders. There is no selection process and is open to all disciplines and techniques.
  • The application process runs from November through to May, with a price increase towards the end of the deadline.
  • All work must be original and made by the exhibiting artist
  • All artists taking part in the main Visual Arts Festival, must have an online entry (giving you the years subscription)
  • Only artists who have paid for their entry can take part in NOS
  • If you are not planning to open your studio (or you do not have a studio to open), you must find a venue to which you can exhibit your work either as a solo artist or as a group. If you need advice or help finding a venue, please get in touch asap, however we cannot guarantee anything.
  • All artists must commit to opening up their studio (or be present at their exhibiting venue) for at least one full weekend minimum and all artists must open 10am – 4pm as standard.
  • If you are exhibiting in a group, you may not include any work by artists not taking part/ paid entry into NOS. All artists must have individual membership.
  • Ensure that your studio/venue is well presented with adequate signage to allow visitors to easily find you, especially in more remote areas.
  • NOS takes no responsibility for the number of visitors or sales you receive as a result of the main event. Artists should be encouraged to promote their own studio/venue opening times as well as those artists in the surrounding area to maximise footfall. You get out as much as you put in. Marketing materials and templates will be provided.

What do we expect from you?

  • Help distribute brochures, put up posters and signage in your local area.
  • Register on time with all the correct information.
  • Find a suitable venue or join in with a group of artists.
  • To notify NOS of any contact detail changes during the year so we can update our records.
  • To include the NOS logo and social media tags on any marketing material that you produce to promote exhibitions/events/workshops associated with NOS.
  • To complete and return any evaluation forms promptly including any visitor figures, comments, images and general feedback. Your evaluations are important for us to see how the event is doing year on year to allow us to improve and to gain information to share with sponsors and other members. The information is treated with respect and in confidence.
  • Each artist must read their own entries online and in the brochure each year. The information given, will be the information printed and published.
  • Artists must commit to keeping their web entry up to date to keep their profiles interesting throughout the year.
  • Each artist should take out ‘Public Liability’ insurance to cover your home/private events. NOS does not hold any responsibility nor any liability for any damage caused to your work or visitors.
  • We advise that you carry out a risk assessment before opening to the public to avoid any accidents. Identifying any hazards and use common sense to improve the situation for your visitors.
  • Artists should be respectful and considerate to other members in the group and offer advice only if it is considered useful or appropriate.


  • Ensure that your images represent you and your practice that they are high quality, in focus and the correct orientation
  • The brochure image you choose is suitable for a wide audience including children and families.


  • Artists may withdraw their entry into NOS before 30th April 2022. A refund of 75% will be given with the remainder covering admin and costs already incurred. After this date, no refund will be given.
  • If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, special arrangements will be made and artists will be notified as soon as possible.

Your Studio

  • Event will run in September 2022
  • Each artist opening up a studio should commit to opening up at least one weekend 10am - 4pm throughout September.
  • If you want to open up during the week, then that's fine, but you must commit to one full weekend during September. You do not have to have a studio to take part, you can hold an Exhibition at another venue.
  • If you still want to take part, but don’t want to open a studio or an Exhibition then you can just take part in the central Exhibition.

Central Exhibiiton

  • Details TBC