Marika du Plessis Art & Ceramics

Ceramic artist and floral painter that teaches ceramics to small groups. Workshops runs throughout the year. Her work is sold in various shops and galleries.

Painting Ceramics
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Whimsical Mushroom Cup
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Collection of Rustic Stoneware Vases
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Rustic Cobalt 'Hope' Vase
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Mushroom Bowl
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Mushroom Cup Collection

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  • Address:  78 Derngate NN1 1UH
  • Area: West Northants
  • Accessibility: Partial Disabled Access
  • Facilities: wc

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Having worked as an art teacher first in South Africa and then in the UK for over fifteen years, Marika tapped into her previously unexplored but consistent underlying desire to be a ceramist. Despite having received very little exposure to this artform during her varsity years, an amalgamation of events made a hunger burst forth in the now successful studio that she has created. After tragically losing her mum to Multiple Sclerosis over a prolonged period and undergoing many failed IVF cycles, it was during the height of the covid pandemic that she decided to be brave and start a fresh journey to give her new hope, encouragement and to get on with living life to the fullest. Inevitably sharing this with as many people as possible. 

She started learning handbuilding skills with multiple local potters and studied this art form relentlessly and independently. This has fundamentally changed the direction of her life and the exciting journey has only just begun. Her primary passion is working with stoneware and terracotta clay and her work reflects her keen interest in beautiful homewares, dried and fresh flowers and delicate lace that was handed down from her mum. She creates a wide variety of intricate homewares, hanging decorations, quirky shabby sheek animal figurines, artistic necklaces and sculptures. Her art is decorated to be colourful, vibrant and a lot of fun to celebrate life and love. 

Marika’s new collection, “Birds of Blessings”, was inspired by her recent visit to South Africa where she observed the quirky beauty of wild birds. Each bird shape evolves organically and is hand build with precision containing intricate details.  She decorates the sculptures aiming to accentuate the playful personality of each individual bird. In her works she explores forms, colours and textures found in the feathered kingdom and uses layers of colourful glazes and oxides to decorate her distinctive birds. Marika also hand paints lively floral motifs and patterns on the birds which gives them a playful but unified connection with nature.

She make ceramics that tell a story of love for life, fresh beginnings and one of hope with the aim to inspire people to focus on the many blessings that surround them at any given moment.

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Bird of Blessings

A collection of bird sculptures and functional wares celebrating life and the many blessings that surround you at any given time. ...    
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