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Hi, I'm Sarah Isua Amber, born in Amsterdam, living in Northampton, England.
Now you know that, skip forward a fair few years and you will have found me living and breathing Art, focussing heavily on Photography largely influenced by my late grandfather Paul Wallenburg.
I come from a large family of creatives, ranging from Goldsmith, Quilter, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, to Photographers and I was adamant that this too, was for me. I was to become an Artist! I studied at the University of the Creative Arts - Canterbury.
Then life had other plans for me...
I welcomed into the world my favourite human ever, my son. The next ten years were a whirlwind of smiles, laughter and tears, highs and lows, and never truly knowing what was going on...
Then it happened....
A spark of creativity, a speck of inspiration floated my way...
That was that: it had well and truly taken hold, my creativity resurfaced! Curiously it had changed form over the years, from Photography, to Painting and Drawing.
Thank you for taking the time to look at what I am making at the moment.

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