Keith Chambers: Cloudberry Fine Arts

Modern, colourful, vibrant, detailed fine art created in the digital medium

Painting Digital Media
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'Pretty Boy' (Limited Edition 1/20)

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Keith Chambers I was born in Yorkshire, for as long as I can remember I've drawn and painted. I enjoyed a career in design engineering. Now retried, I paint full-time as a digital artist, painting on a computer instead of with oils. My art differs from a lot of other digital artists in that everything you see is hand painted in a digital medium. I do not use photographs, models or animations. My art is born from a world of imagination, colour, detail, vibrancy and passion. My subjects are endless: birds, portraits, landscapes, animals, space, abstract. I love them all.

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Keith Chambers 'Pets corner'

Mainly commissions I've done of peoples pets    
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