Millie Whitcher

Watercolour and Acrylic Artist inspired by Astronomy

Painting Drawing
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Cosmic Tea #17
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Cosmic Tea #19
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Cosmic Tea #14
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Cosmic Tea #15
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Cosmic Tea #18


Millie is a self taught artist living in Leicestershire. Heavily inspired by Astronomy and Japanese culture her work utilises acrylic paints and watercolours. A highly creative individual she has been painting from a young age, drawing inspiration from many other sources such as music, film, video games and animation.

From early childhood Millie has had a strong passion for the arts. Besides drawing and painting she has appeared on stage and studied performing arts at Leicester College.

Like so many others Millie was made redundant due to the Pandemic. Taking advantage of the sudden change she reached out for her paint brushes and threw herself into work as an artist.

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