Lucy Mathers

I love patterns, shapes, lines and texture. My mixed-media work is influenced by things I see in the world around me.

Painting Mixed-Media Collage
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Ratatouille and garlic bread
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Chilli, rice and crisps
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Lamb casserole
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Sausage pasta

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I love exploring the world around me.  I observe the late afternoon sunlight on the fence, making it glow orange contrasting with the dark looming stormy blue-purple clouds behind and the bright white of the fascia of a building.  I notice all the different patterns on the drain covers on the school run, wondering who designed them, and why.  I am particularly drawn to geometric shapes, especially when they are represented in some sort of organic form - whether that be in nature or man-made.  It is the relationships of these shapes, colours, textures and lines that I love to explore in my artwork. Most of my artwork begins with an intention, an idea; then I work intuitively with different mark making tools, collage papers, and other materials to create texture.  The shapes and forms reveal themselves along the way.  I love choosing just a few different colours to work with for a series of paintings: mixing them to see what other colours can be made. My favourite colour is turquoise. I especially love glazing thin layers of transparent colour to create depth and richness.

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