Morgan lloyd

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Three geezers
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Stubble fields no.1
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Jura 1
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Evening sky no.1

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  • Address:  56 Linnet Close EX4 5HF
  • Area: West Northants
  • Accessibility: Unsuitable for those with physical accessibility requirements
  • Facilities: No facilities listed by artist


I've always drawn, painted or sculpted, but always as a hobby alongside a variety of outdoors work. I've never been very good at staying indoors, and this life outside has developed in me a great passion for the British countryside. I try to depict the sensational nature of places that might be missed by the casual observer. I would say I've felt extremes of every emotion at some point in some place outdoors, from pure serene joy, to abject terror. I'm not content as yet with one particular style, so you'll see great variety in my work, perhaps that will change as I progress further down this artistic road. But we'll just have to wait and see.

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