Nell Begnett

Drawing Illustration Mixed-Media
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Interior Study 2 (Roger Banks-Pye)
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Charleston Bedroom
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Georgian Fitzrovia
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The Reading Corner at Charleston
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Antique Sofa

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As an Interior Designer, I am lucky enough to have a creative job.  However, I've always wanted to express myself on a more personal level through making art, rather than just designing for others. I always dabbled over the years but it wasn't until I joined a local art group when I moved to Raunds 6 years ago that my own art, and confidence in it began to take off. 

My decision to focus on a body of work that represents my love of Architecture, Interiors, Furniture and the home comes from my belief that an artist's passion in the subject, or the enjoyment of the medium shows through in the final work.  As the old adage for creative writing goes - 'Write about what you know' and I've discovered that for me, the same goes for my art. 

Pattern and mark-making are also a great love of mine and I am attracted to work that has a graphic quality.  I'm currently experimenting with collage and using different media to make the marks in my work. 

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