Janette Gaggini

Janette enjoys using a variety of media and reserching new techniiques in creating art work. Sculptures and assemblages are often made from found objects. Paintings using oils, acrylic plus etching.

Painting Sculpture Drawing
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Kew Gardens, Princess of Wales Conservatory
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Roraimu Plateau Flora
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'Saving LIves'
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'Tropical Grotto Kew Gardens'

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  • Address:  Chester House Estate, Irchester, Wellingborough NN8 2DH
  • Area: North Northants
  • Accessibility: Partial Disabled Access
  • Facilities: paymentlocal_parkinglocal_cafewclocal_offer


Janette always enjoyed art and creative activities as a child   and art was a favourite subject at school . In 6th. Form Janette gained certificates from the RSA  and attending Medway Art College on Saturdays  led to an opportunity to attend art college upon leaving school.However deciding to study Horticulture was felt to be a more useful occupation . Working in commercial nurseries, Large public Gardens, finally led to studying Applied Biology and Plant Sciences, laboratory Practice and led to working for Oxford University Unit of Tropical Silviculture . Where Janette had published two papers  in the Commonwealth  Forestry Review for the research of tissue culture of tropical pines in order to produce cloned trees to battle against deforrestation overseas. Later moving to Northamptonshire to return to commercial horticulture as Director of Mears Ashby Nurseries and Gagginis Plant Centre.On retirement Janette studied BA Hons Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University full time with success from then on janette has explored new ideas for her art work .

Janette has always preferred to express her concepts  either visually or the written word.Having a strong association with natural environments her work relates to plantlife, landscapes, collecting found objects either natural or man made or historical.

Janettes work is created by collecting  sketches, Photographs, sound  or videos to maintain a record to relate to. The media and art form responds to how best to convey  her concept to the viewer. Kinetic addition  often arises within these works.

Janette usually works on one work at a time  in order to stay focused upon the main objective and outcome rather than dilute it with others.

What excites Janette in creating new art work is often unexpected  , it could be discovering a new  landscape, finding unusual objects , responding to shapes and colour. Responding emotionally to lifes issues, travelling and viewing different  architecture and cultures. An unusual  organic form, microscopy, flora and fauna or discovering new music.


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Janette Gaggini

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Travelling towards Higham Ferrers from Wellingborough on A45 look for signs on left for Visitor Parking, Further sign on left for disabled parking

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