Beanwave Editions

Colourful, abstract screenprints. Shapes, composition and colours are arrived at through experimentation and happenstance. Geometric patterns emerge and colours play tricks.

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Waves #10 (detail)
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Waves #4
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Waves #10
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Waves #3
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Waves #9

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Beanwave Editions is the graphic arts practice of James Bristow, creating hand-pulled, limited edition screenprints in Silverstone, Northamptonshire.

Sometimes abstract, sometimes typographic. Always colourful.

Bristow's printmaking draws from a palette that includes warm and vibrant colour, pattern, texture, typography and language, with a twist of quirkiness and humour. The process is analogue and incorporates experimentation and happenstance, using accident as much as design. Each resulting print has a vibrant, colour-rich quality, with natural imperfections. While revelling in the freedom to create without boundaries, there remains an overarching feeling of positivity and joy in his work. 

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