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Sian Brown

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I trained as an Occupational Therapist rather than going to Art School. I was scared as it was the flower-power sixties and I had been at a small boarding school. It would have been a huge leap to to go to Art School.

I loved art and continued to be creative having various things published in adverts  leaflets and personal cards, and over the years I’ve  sold a few paintings. I took A level Art at night school and following my retirement I started the Foundation Course at Lincoln College of Art which later became known as De Montford University Lincoln. It was a very stimulating course, very tiring but I loved every minute I was there.

I learnt to see things as I had never seen them and to question and interpret and consider the message communicated in an image.

I have found my personal style but I need to continue to improve and experiment with new ideas and mediums. I love doing caricatures and humorous drawings and I’m currently illustrating a children’s book.

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