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Jayne Creer

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I enjoy being as creative as possible and continue to learn all of the time. I love colour and try to use it boldly, sometimes changing the natural colour of the subject completely. Animals are my favourite and I try to bring out as much cheeky character as possible whilst painting them! Always experimenting with various subjects, in different mediums, from oil painting to expressive mono printing.

Originally from Liverpool I always enjoyed art, ceramics and design from a young age so attending the local Art College seemed the natural thing to do after leaving school. I obtained my A Level Art & Design but left after a year feeling slightly disillusioned with the course and eventually convinced myself that I would never have any money painting or studying art!

Twenty six years on and life has now planted me happily in Kettering. A desperate desire to create returned around the same time so I resumed studying part time whilst working full time. I obtained a BTEC in Art & Design and a BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design which gave me confidence and experience to try anything I want.

These days I am an active member of local art groups and I still have a passion for learning and attending workshops but now it is more about just enjoying myself and experimenting and not trying to pigeon hole myself into one particular discipline. There is so much to explore.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my work.

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