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Pasqualina Iarrobino

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Scatter Cushion
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The Last Bauhausler
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Rainbow Weave Scarf
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Scatter Cushions

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I started weaving in 1992 when I returned to education as a mature student at the age of 26. The course I studied was Crafts. Whilst I had a background in textiles, primarily through making my own clothes, the course introduced me to other previously unexplored areas of textiles and this is where my love of weaving was born.

My interest in woven textiles was more concerned with three dimensional aspects of weaving rather than the creation of cloth; could I produce fully formed, self-supporting and sculptural objects as an integral part of the weaving process and within the constraints of the loom but not being bound by it? This was the challenge I set myself and the area I continue to have an interest in. Yarns used in both the warp and weft consist of traditional materials such as linen, silk and wool, and non-traditional materials, such as paper yarn and wire. The products produced with these materials are sculptural yet useable accessories for fashion and interiors.

A break from this challenge has seen the development of colourful fabrics for soft furnishings using Shetland wool and cotton yarn in warp and weft.

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