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Vera Turner

Painting Printmaking
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Herding Sheep


When I enrolled at Art School in 1954 to study for the Diploma Course, Art & Design, the first year was training in skills and techniques and I studied Commercial Art which was the new trend of training for the world of Print. I loved drawing, learning ways of expressing images in different materials. Commercial Art was the drive of the time in the economy. Printing became important to industry and Lithography was then a special and expensive form of printing which was taken out of the general curriculum. Sadly, I did not complete my course due to personal difficulties but continued to work in Art, becoming a teacher. I was attracted to etching because it was a method I had not experienced before. It turned to be more demanding than I though. Each mark has to be exact, make a scratch in the wrong place and that is ruin!!! The interest increases as textures can be added to lines, and pictures can tell stories in lines, dots, colour and layout, then when pressed in the traditional way, the excitement of peeling off the first print. It's a bit like Christmas!!

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