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Lisa Timmerman
Posted by Lisa Timmerman Paints on 24/07/2021
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Autumnal Water
Artist Image
Golden Waters
Artist Image
Gentle Reflection
Artist Image
Rose & Green
Artist Image
Gold & Blue Dusk
Artist Image
Path to The Locks
Artist Image
Lemon & Magenta Canal

About Collection

I’ve been painting & exploring my creativity consistently since 2011 and tend to work in series so that I can fully explore & develop an idea. Originally I started with portraits, then moved onto roses, hens, interiors, waterscapes, beach scenes & now koi. I use either acrylics or oil paint & more recently oil and cold wax which has loosened my style & prompted the use of new tools & the creation of new mark making which I love as it continues to be unpredictable to me. During the pandemic I returned to portraits & painted 20 portraits in oils for our NHS Heroes, the most moving experience I’ve ever had.

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