Water Glass series

A series of small works exploring the shapes observed in my water glass using acrylic, collage and water-based media.
Posted by lucymathers on 18/02/2022

About Collection

If you have kids then you may well, like me, have spent many hours sitting at your dining table staring into your water glass (or maybe something stronger)! I started taking photos of my water glass around February 2021, since then my photo collection has grown considerably. I am attracted to the shapes I see, the reflections and refractions and how they change due to how much water is in the glass or what objects are nearby. In this abstract still-life series I am using acrylic paint to explore the lines and shapes observed in the water glass. I build up the shapes using different textures with the paint, adding collage of printed tissue paper, and glazing with both acrylics and water-based media.

Artist Image
Ratatouille and garlic bread
Artist Image
Sausage pasta
Artist Image
Chilli, rice and crisps
Artist Image
Lamb casserole
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